New Art, New Site

After a trip to Paris in October 2003, I realized that I am an artist.   I’ve always been an artist but never really knew what to call it or how to channel the creative energy in an way that made sense or satisfied me. Since then I have been painting, drawing and studying – then painting and drawing some more.  I never really paid attention to where the urge came from or what I wanted to say.  I felt if I examined these things too closely, I would lose my passion for the work.  Cut to today and I am beginning to understand the nature of my art, my artistic process, my way of looking at the world and what I want to say about it.  It’s an ongoing process, a hard process especially since the first few years I felt alone as a self-taught artist.

My new work is about getting to the essence of things. Decidedly pared down, almost minimal when compared to lush floral and abstract paintings that I started with. I’m going back and mining my past for imagery and memories that feed my need to communicate visually through color and form. Growing up on the beaches of southern Virginia has filled this well with a wealth of ideas that have been just sitting there waiting for me to pull them out and play with them.  I never thought they were worthy of consideration until I finally understood that these are part of me. This is what makes me an artist and I need to honor that.  Now I’m having fun pushing my art practice and technique into challenging spaces. And this new art deserves a new web site.

So welcome to my new home on the web. I want to keep it simple and focused on the work and invite you on the journey of the progress.    More art is coming as I get things photographed and cataloged.  Also look for a new newsletter, special events and projects this summer.



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